Sustainability determines our thoughts and actions

With our work we are committed to a future worth living in. Together with many others, we are setting out to make our economy more sustainable.


Our sustainability claim

For us, sustainability has many facets. We take responsibility for our environment and our climate by putting our engineering knowledge at the service of the energy transition. With our products, we promote the spread of distributed energy systems and strengthen the democratization of energy supply. In this way, we enable municipalities, cooperatives and citizens to participate in energy production.

Globally, we believe that renewable energy can reduce the risk of resource wars in the long term. At the same time, we are also aware that we have to take a critical look at our supply chains when it comes to problematic raw materials and components. We also want to reduce our waste generation as a company and lower the carbon footprint of our products and operations.

Our understanding of sustainability also includes the way we work together as a team. The well-being of our colleagues is our top priority. Different life plans are not questioned, part-time models and remote work are expressly supported. We at be4energy make our decisions independently - no financially strong investors are involved in our company and partnerships are always understood as cooperation.

Common Good Balance Sheet (GWÖ)

We believe in sustainable business

We want to structure our entire entrepreneurial activity in such a way that the negative effects of our business processes are as small as possible.
As part of a group evaluation in 2020, we had the degree of our corporate sustainability checked and created a GWÖ balance sheet.
Since then we have known that we have potential for improvement and have created the role of sustainability officer in our company.


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"Sustainability, in its complex meaning of social, ecological and societal facets, has become the benchmark for our business activities."

Stefan Galler, management and founder

Creating change together

We are committed to sustainable and fair business practices. That is why we have joined a social movement that is committed to the social and sustainable transformation of our economy.

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Member of the Economy for the Common Good

The common good economy establishes an ethical economic model. The well-being of people and the environment is the most important goal of the economy.

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Member of the network of public welfare economy companies Berlin-Brandenburg

The network strengthens the cooperation of companies in Berlin-Brandenburg that balance public welfare and initiates development projects to strengthen the orientation towards the common good.

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Are you interested in sustainability topics such as circular economy and lifecycle management?

We look forward to the exchange.

We cannot and do not want to walk the path to a sustainable future alone. That is why we are happy to exchange experiences with other companies.

Sustainability officer:

      Stephan Kauz

     +49 (0)30 200089-931

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Would you like to network on the topic of sustainability or create synergies?
Then please get in touch with our sustainability officer.